by Jesse Romo

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SOBER reflections
a little demo/ep from your boy
also known as "romo."
all songs written, produced, performed, and recorded by yours truly
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released June 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Jesse Romo Los Angeles, California

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i ain't lookin for a fight right
got this herb and my night light
got my homies at side and my heina’s in my ride
doing lines off the dashboard

no I don’t wanna be holed up
but we bout to get rolled up
drinkin tweakin on the weekend better get yourself thinking
or you’ll wind up in jail motherfucker

last time I said it’d be the last time
but this dope got me feeling so fine
spill the wine on the table now reality’s a fable
rock the club like I'm aesop

said I can rhyme but I’m losing my mind
this dopamine is starting lose on it’s shine
still I grab another beer and pop a xan to lose my fear
and now I’m spinning in the backseat
when i was a boy i used to go to church
the preacher said god would get me
said i was a sinner since the day of my birth
i prayed and said god forgive me

now that i’ve grown i can see that he lied
no way god would condemn me
now that i see the divine is inside
no more will you oppress me, i’m saying

we all made of love and nothing you say
can change the truth within me
it’s black and white i said it’s night and day
that god transcends duality

i hope one day you can feel this way
one day we’ll all be free
let the light in your heart pave the way
and love be our morality
until your heart’s committed there’s hesitancy
but If you shift perspective many blessings to see
believe in the power of love It’s a gift from above
and below it glows with effervescence my suggestion is to

open your mind to find the love bestowed
it’s gold and black and white and everything in between
seems to me discrimination’s birthed by humanity
this ignorance and hatred so pervasive to be

these days it’s hard to be alive
but we must survive and so we strive
eradicate the pressure so we rise above
and nothing lesser imma bless her with that good type of love

no push no shove yea that’s that good type of stuff
harmonious connection intersections learn a lesson
i’m detecting there’s resistance cuz we’re lacking real respect and
i won’t bite my tongue yo we gon resurrect it
i got to get my focus right
been breathing up all these lines tonight
these demons fill my mind with fright
i chase em away with bourbon and dilaudid

right out of the bottle throw it back full throttle
no listen to naysayers don’t got to
just drown the pain and misery you see
i’m filling my belly with spirits there’s none left in me

my soul is empty as the bottle
no there’s nothing left in me
i’m too drunk to write this song
and so i throw one back and then and hit the bong

i know i was a dick baby
this monkey's on my back you see
i pray my itchy rash will go away
but said it’s clogging up on my throat it’s suffocating me
saturday and it’s right around noon
don’t know why i do it but i’m thinking bout you
last night girl it was a full moon
seen you in my dreams got me feeling so blue

swear to god i’ll get over you soon
but if don’t i'm gonna go and drink another brew
whiskey whiskey, it’s a monsoon
are you missing me like i be missing you

baby i’m bringing no fiction, it’s an addiction
better check the diction cuz i’m talking bout you
i know you know i know exactly what you do
fucking me up so silly why i’m actin such a fool

sometimes it feel like i’m wasting my rhymes
sometimes it feel like i’m losing my damn mind
the rhythm changed now it’s hard to keep time
the stylee switched and now i’m itching railing mad lines
Track Name: FORGET YOU
it’s hard to watch you go
i don’t really know
if it’s love or if i’m just insane

so i head out to the show
get drunk on vertigo
but my heartstrings pluck their way up to my brain

i can’t forget you
i try but you’re persistently
abiding in the bottom of my soul

the liquor starts to pour
you had to hit the road
oh i fucked it all, fucked it all i can’t believe

my feelings start to show
right now i want you more
maybe this is just how it all was meant to be

i can’t forget you
i try but you’re persistently
abiding in the bottom of my soul

i’m hoping that you know
i’ll be cool all on my own
even though i wish that you and i could be

you’ve got a heart of fucking gold
and let the truth be told
darling honestly i’m happy that you’re free

still i won’t forget you
i’ll try but you’ll persistently
abide within this cold little heart